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The Georgia Luthier Supply Blog, which is the spin-off from Georgia Luthier Supply, will help you through the entire stringed instrument planning, building and question process. We will be updating this site very frequently and providing you with a stream of new information for your every instrument building need. If we don’t have the answer, and I certainly don’t claim to know all there is to know about lutherie, we will find out for you and there will certainly be very experienced luthiers willing to lend a helping hand.

Although we attempted to provide some of this useful information within our store, it does not support the format that we desired, which is to convey a massive amount of information to our customers about our products as well as stringed instrument building information and interaction.

Look for posts on tools for lutherie, methods, how-to’s, tips and techniques. We really desire your input here as well and this is the reason for this blog format – to engage in direct discussions with our readers and the Georgia Luthier Supply Community. This interactive feature will come soon as we setup site protection against spammers and focus solely on our GLS customers.

So be sure to visit us often and check out the latest and greatest content to make a guitar on the internet. If it has to do with guitar building, we will cover it. If we don’t, tell us about it so we can.

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Blogs can be kind of confusing as to how to find just the article or subject matter you are interested in. I have made the process much simpler on this blog. You can always click on the Table of Contents Tab at the top of every article and find the subject and article clearly listed. Another way is to use the Search our Sites in the box on the right side of each page, or use the Category Index in the right sidebar.

All of the general information that was on the Georgia Luthier Supply pages is now included here, in this blog. Check it out under the

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The best place to start with your guitar building dreams is with a great quality plan. As an architect, I know the importance that is placed on a detailed, accurate plans. Be sure to visit our Plan Shop, where we will be featuring all of our guitar plans, side bender plans, gluing jig plans and just about everything you will need to make those most important shop aids. Oh – and yes, this is where we will have our free plans for a lot of our specialized tools that we talk about in the articles – so check it out as we will be adding items here all of the time. Check out our What’s New list below.


What’s New

For starters this blog is new for Georgia Luthier Supply customers that is. We found the need to feed more information to our customers and the GLS shopping site didn’t give up the versatility and convenience that was needed. Hopefully the information contained herewith will fill all of those needs.

New Products and Products Coming Soon!
June 2, 2014

Ukulele Plans Now Include Cutaway Version

We have had many requests for cutaway versions for our ukulele plans. We now include the cutaway along with the standard body shape. We also have upgraded our ukulele template sheet to include additional information such as the top, side and end views of the neck and headpiece, heated bender form insert for both standard and cutaway body shapes for each ukulele.
New Ukulele Plans
In addition to the standard ukulele shapes we have been offering for some time now, we have added the “Bell Shape” ukulele which has a strong resemblance to the dreadnought acoustic guitar. The body length is very close to the standard shapes, but the with of the upper and lower bouts and the waist are considerably  larger giving these instruments a stronger voice and nicer tone. When I lived in Hawaii, these instrument shapes we often the choice of some of the best musicians. The Bell is available in Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone sizes. Cutaway’s are also included for the Bell plans.
CNC Files are Now Available for All Electric, Acoustic, and Classical Guitars, Ukulele’s and Mandolins.

You can download CAD and CNC files for your favorite guitar shapes. The are located on each guitar sales page. Just check the checkbox to order either the full plan CNC or for guitars with bent sides you can purchase just the form insert CNC and CAD files. Note if there is a cutaway available for the plan that will be included as well.
New Acoustic Guitar Plans Now Available

  • Dreadnought SS (Forward Shifted Bracing & Scalloped Bracing)
  • Gibson L-0
  • Gibson L-00
  • Collings HS2H
  • Martin Grand Concert 12 & 14 Fret Models
  • Martin 0-28vs w/ 14-Fret Neck
  • Martin 00-28vs w/14-Fret Neck
  • Martin 000-28vs w/14-Fret Neck
  • Martin Size 5
  • Herman Hauser 1937 Segovia Guitar
We Now Have 4 & 5 String Acoustic Bass Plans
Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar Plans Now Uploaded!
It has been a long time in the making, but they have finally arrived – our newest Electric Guitar Plans. Currently we have available the following plans:New Electric Guitar Plans:

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway
  • Gibson Les Paul Jr.
  • Gibson Melody Maker
  • Gibson es335 Dot
  • Fender 60’s Stratocaster
  • Fender Floyd Rose Classic Stratocaster HH
  • Fender ’72 Deluxe Telecaster
  • Fender 50’s Telecaster
  • Fender American Telecaster
  • Fender Tele Thinline
  • Fender ’62 Jazzmaster
  • Fender ’65 Jazzmaster
  • Fender ’62 Jaguar
  • Fender ’65 Jaguar
  • Gibson SG Standard
  • Gibson Explorer
  • Gibson Firebird
  • Gibson Flying V
  • Gibson es355
  • Gibson L-5 No Cutaway
  • Gibson L-5 Single Cutaway
  • Ibanez JEM
  • Wolfgang EVH Custom
  • Wolfgang EVH Special

Bass Guitar Plans:

  • Fender Precision Bass
  • Fender Highway 1 Jazz Bass
  • Fender American Standard Jazz Bass V
  • Fender American Standard Precision Bass V

New Luthier Tool Plans & Luthier Tools Added:

  • Fret Radius Tool Plan – Now you can easily place single or compound radii on your fretboards very easily and quickly
  • Drill Press Fence Plan. This tool will have dozens of uses around the shop
  • Ukulele Cutaway Attachment for the Heated Ukulele Heated Bender
  • Guitar Side Forms – Plans & Built Versions
  • Ukulele Side Forms – Plans & Built Versions
  • Adjustable Inside Form for Guitar – Plans & Built Versions. Adjustable to hold all of our guitar shapes
  • Adjustable Inside Form for Ukulele – Plans & Built Versions. Adjustable to hold all of our ukulele shapes
  • Neck Assembly Jig for Classical Gutiar

Guitar & Ukulele Construction Handbook

After working on this new eBook for over a year, we have now made it available to our customers. This book is packed with great instrument building information including, wood selection, glossary, required tools, jigs and other useful items specifically geared to luthiers. Check it out Guitar & Ukulele Construction Handbook Link for the table of contents and several representative pages. The manual is 118 pages of information for the beginner builder and more experienced builders. Also we share many of our inside information which will save you lots of time and the result will be a more structurally sound and better sounding instrument.

New Flatpicking TAB Books
We just publish our newest TAB Book for the flatpicking guitarists out there. This is the intermediate version of our Ultimate Guitar Tabs Series. This book steps up the pace a few notches and present you will more challenges of the same group of songs presented in our Beginner Book, tabbed for the intermediate guitar player. Get your hands on the Book 1 Intermediate Guitar Tabs today!

Newly Added: Flatpicking Book Advanced1; Beginner Book 2; Intermediate Book 2; Advanced Book2. Check them out today.
Free Tool PlansCheck out our new free tool plans area. We will be uploading jigs, forms, tools and other useful items that will make your building experience even easier. We’ll be adding more as time permits, so check back often. Check them out HERE.
New Instrument Plans Here Now!

Hermann Houser 1937 Andres Segovia Guitar is now uploaded. Plans and CNC files are now available for this incredible guitar Segovia indicated was the most notable guitar ever produced.

Other Items in the Pipeline:

We now have ukulele heating blankets, steel slats and a Ukulele Side Bender. If you want to build your own bender, just purchase our plans and save yourself some running around, multiple shipping charges from several suppliers and hardware that doesn’t quite meet the requirements for the tool. We have a full line of hardware packages for our Ukulele Bender, Form Inserts and much more.

If you want to put your professional bending aspirations into high gear and hit the road running, check out our Ukulele Side Bending System. You get everything you need including the Bending Machine, a Form Insert of your choice, (2) stainless steel slats, (1) silicone heating blanket and the digital temperature control system that is built into the bender. As an added bonus you can select a Ukulele Plan, Template Set and Form Package of your choice on us. Check it out here for more information.

Items Discontinued:

We have made the difficult decision to stop selling any wood for acoustic guitars and ukulele’s. We have found that the quality tonewood that customers demand (and rightfully so), are very difficult for us to obtain at reasonable and competitive pricing. Also by the time we factor in labor for re-sawing, shipping, and carrying costs, our profit margins are too low to justify these costs. 
Moving forward, we feel that we should focus on the things we do best, which are plans, building tools, instruction and more. 
We will continue to search for wood sources and bring these products back if they are feasible for us to do so.

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