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Vinyl Wash Coat

In order to achieve a perfect finish on your guitar, you have to make sure that all underlying layers of finish and preparation are properly installed properly. This goes double for the the Vinyl Wash Coat.

This coat will pave the way for you to install your fillers, and layer your finishes to build-up the finish in order to attain that mirror finish that we all expect to see on a professionally made, handmade guitar.

The Vinyl Wash Coat – What it is:

Really this is a vinyl sealer product that is made of vinyl-modified lacquer, in which vinyl pellets are added for the purpose of making a moisture resistant barrier. It is thinned down to provide a moisture-proof barrier that is easy to apply and sand.

Why is this important? It is important because often we will use the vinyl wash coat to spray over a nicely stained wooden finish. or we wish to lock-in the coloration of the natural wood below. This is very important in that wood such as Rosewood or some of the other more resinous hardwoods tend to ‘bleed’ color as a finish is applied to them. The vinyl wash coat minimizes or eliminates this problem.

Also, vinyl wash coats will minimize contaminate problems such as oil and silicone from penetrating into the finish coats. These contaminates, along with moisture, are leading causes of some the most paralyzing problems that can face a luthier. Those being fisheyes, craters, pinholes, fogging and other contaminate related problems. Using a vinyl wash coat and a good filter system on your spray equipment and you can pretty much kiss those problems goodbye.

The sealers that are the most popular are crystal clear, thin, low-solids that will give you a ready-to-spray topcoat

After applying this sealer you will get your first real exposure as to the true beauty of the guitar tonewood.

The Use of Vinyl Wash Coats With Fillers:

Perhaps one of the Vinyl Sealers highest and best uses is type provide a good solid, nearly impenetrable base to prevent tinted fillers that are used to fill in the wood pores from muddying the finish. The vinyl prevents a chemical reaction from the filler and allows the very easy removal of the excess filler after it has dried.

Vinyl Wash Coat – The Advantages:
  • These coats build extremely fast
  • They sand easier than traditional Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • They are often clearer than a Lacquer Sanding Sealer
  • They have a tremendous resistance to moisture
  • They provide excellent surface adhesion for successive Nitrocellulose Lacquer coats
Vinyl Wash Coat – The Disadvantages:
  • If sprayed too thick they may lift from resinous wood
  • They may lift is coats are sprayed to quickly in succession
  • Cannot be sprayed very successfully over uncured filler

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