Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • CNC Plans  (4)

    Information and faq’s about Georgia Luthier Supply 2D and 3D files for use on a CNC

  • General Information  (6)

    General Information about guitar building including, history, theory, resources etc.

  • Georgia Luthier Supply Q&A & FAQ's  (5)

    If you have any questions about printing your plans or have questions about any of the items we sell, you will probably get some assistance in this sections.…

  • Georgia Luthier Supply Tools  (17)

    Learn all about the tools we offer, how to use them, build them and assembly instructions for our pre-built tool systems.

  • Guitar Building Articles  (130)
  • Guitar Building Plans  (6)

    Here we cover the different guitar plans available to the first time or seasoned luthier.

  • Guitar Making Tips  (6)
  • Guitar Wood Selection  (7)

    This very important category will cover top tonewood, back/side sets, neck wood, bracing and lots more.

  • Introduction  (1)
  • The Guitar Shop  (6)

    We will cover things specifically related to the workings of the guitar shop, from working environment to wood storage, tool setups and much more.

  • The Plan Shop  (1)

    The Plan Shop is your one stop shopping page for all of our guitar plans. We feature many different models for acoustic and classical guitars. We also feature…

  • Tools & Materials  (31)

    General purpose tools, tools specific to guitar construction and materials and where you can obtain them. We will also cover the different jigs, molds and…

  • Wood Preparation  (2)

    Find out how to resaw your own wood, prepare all the wood parts for your guitar and sources to find the wood.

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