Japanese Pull Saws

Japanese Pull Saws

Japanese Pull Saws

If you don’t have any experience with these saws, then take note of this article. These saws have saved so much of my time, I can’t even begin to tell you what a life-saver they have been.

My trusty Dovetail Saw used to do most of my evil little chores, but if not kept in razor sharp condition, it often fell a bit short of the task at hand. It now hangs on the wall gathering wood dust. A better alternative has arrived. The Japanese Pull Saws are here.

From the very first cut into the hardwood blank of that Mahogany Neck blank to the fine and intricate cuts needed to cut the last bits of veneer for a nut slot, these saws have it all.

I have many of the models that are available and I am gathering more all the time. These saws definitely have me “hooked”!

The Japanese Saws:

There are several versions of these saws and we will analyze each of them and their use in the shop. Most of the saws cuts in both directions, but they give you the most control on the “Pull Stroke” and thus the term “Pull Saw”. The teeth are very long and SHARP so be careful with these little jewels.

The handles are wood wrapped with bamboo and most come with either a spare blade or you can get replaceable blades for them (which you should have on hand). The steel on these blades in incredible and they slice through woods like a hot knife through butter.

Here is a listing of the saws that I use regularly:

Takumi Dozuki

Takumi Dozuki 9-Inch Super Fine Cut Saw

Takumi Dozuki 9-Inch Super Fine Cut Saw:

Designed for delicate and intricate work such as joinery, mortising and dovetailing, this is the finest and most accurate Japanese saw. Use it to trim the most delicate of veneers or cutting precise nut slots and many more chores. The blade is so precise that you can make cuts as thin as 1/32-inch (sliver off an end of a piece of hardwood). Be careful not to abuse the saw’s thin blade. DO NOT jerk or force the saw. Use light, smooth pull strokes and let the saw do the cutting.

Takumi Dozuki Technical Details:

Super fine cuts for joinery
Cross-cut 26 tpi
Layered Japanese high carbon steel
Teeth diamond-ground on three sides
Smooth, sanded finish cut

Takumi Ryoba

Takumi Ryoba 8-1/4″

Takumi Ryoba 8-1/4-Inch Super Fine Cut Double Blade Saw

The Ryoba 2710 blade is designed with both rip and super fine crosscut teeth for extremely accurate cutting. It is exceptionally well suited for fine wood working projects in medium to hard wood. When cutting thin wood or panels, use a flatter angle to the surface (0 to 10 degrees) to insure minimal wood vibration. Hold the handle with both hands spaced well apart and find the most comfortable position, adjusting slightly for different cutting angles.

This saw can be used for flush cutting, but do not over bend the blade. DO NOT force the saw. Long, smooth strokes are best, allowing the weight of the saw to do the cutting.

Takumi Ryoba 8-1/4-Inch Technical Details:

Traditional Japanese saw design
Cross-cut 20tpi, graduated rip teeth
Layered Japanese high carbon steel
Teeth diamond-ground on three sides
Ultra thin for fast, clean cuts

Tajima TSBBK Rapid Pull Saw Set with 15 TPI and 18 TPI Blades

Tajima TSBBK Rapid Pull Saw Set with 15 TPI and 18 TPI Blades

Tajima TSBBK Rapid Pull Saw Set with 15 TPI and 18 TPI Blades

4-piece set include two Rapid Pull pull-stroke blades, straight handle, and canvas case. Razor-sharp 15 TPI and 18 TPI blades with triple cutting-edge teeth, impulse hardened for durability. Premium-grade thin spring steel blades for fast cross-cuts, flexes for ultra-close flush-cuts. Light weight wood handle with tubular elastomer grip for comfort and non-slip performance.

Patented quick-connect blade retainer holds blade securely yet allows for fast blade change. Heavy-weight canvas tri-fold case with 4 full-length pockets and convenient hook and loop closure. Rapid Pull blade options GNB-300, GNB-265, GNB-250, and GNB-230.

Tajima TSBBK Technical Details:

Triple edge cutting teeth
Lightweight wood handle
Elastomer grip
Canvas case included

Bridge City Toolworks Flush Cut Saw

Bridge City Tool Works JS-4 Flush Cut Saw

Bridge City Tool Works JS-4 Flush Cut Saw:

Unlike other flush cutting saws, the JS-4 blade is replaceable. The JS-4 works perfectly for cutting back protruding joinery including dovetails, dowel joints, mortise and tenons and much more. There is ZERO set to the fine teeth (32 teeth per inch) and therefore it is almost impossible to score or scratch your reference surface. The JS-4 cuts on the PULL stroke and is extremely fast cutting.

The handle is hand wrapped with a special braided cord and the ends capped with brass ferrules. The blade is made of high grade Japanese steel and correctly tempered for consistent golden color. This is truly a very beautiful woodworking hand tool and one you will want to show off.

Bridge City Tool Works JS-4 Flush Cut Saw Technical Details:

A zero set saw for perfect flush cuts, 32 teeth per inch
Excellent for cutting a protruding component flush with a surface
Cutting Length: 6-5/8″
Blade thickness: 0.020mm (0.008″)

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