GLS Heated Side Bending System- Assembly

Both our Guitar and Ukulele Benders and Bender Systems are fully assembled in our shop and adjusted to make sure everything fits and operates properly. We do not however, ship these items fully assembled for a couple of reasons as follows:

1. The size of a fully assembled bender would force us to charge much more than our typical shipping rates, therefore we keep the package as small as possible. Also, especially in the case of the guitar bender, we exceed maximum total dimensions for package shipment, shifting the package into a much more expensive shipping category.
2. If the benders were shipped fully assembled, they are much more prone to shipping damage.

The main body of the bender is completely assembled. All you have to do is secure the springs, u-bolts, the bender floor and the legs of the bender. The assembly should take you only about 20 to 30 minutes with proper tools.

Tools you will need:

Phillips Screwdriver
Wrench for the u-bolt nuts.

In the suppled package you will find all the parts you need to assemble the bender. Here is what is included:
1-5/8” Drywall Screws – These are used to attach the bender floor to the sides of the bender
1-1/4” Drywall Screws – These are used to attached the bender feet to the bender floor.
(6) 6” Extension Springs for the Guitar Bender
(4) 6” Extension Springs and (4) 3” Extensions Spring for the Ukulele Bender
(4) U-Bolts for the Guitar Bender or (6) U-bolts for the Ukulele Bender
Aluminum Guide Bar
Press Screw

Assemble the tools and unload the bag of parts and sort them out.

Place the bender floor between the bender sides. The floor will be marked with lines as to how to line up the floor with the bender enclosure. The floor was assembled prior to shipping so the screw holes will line up if you get it correct. Secure the floor to the sides with the 1-5/8” Drywall Screws. Note the floor will be marked which side is aligned with the temperature controller.
Assembly of the Bender Feet to the Bender Floor. The feet are symmetrical and it does not matter which one goes where. The feed are (2) Pieces of plywood approximately 3″ x 16″ long and have rubber feet attached to them. They are also secure together with a rubber band for shipping. Use the 1-1/4” Drywall screws to secure the feet to the Bender Floor. The feet go beneath the floor of the bender so the floor of the bender will be about 3/4” off your workbench. There are 4 screws for each foot. All the screw holes in the bender floor and the pilot holes for the feet precisely line up.

Assembly of the U-bolts and Springs:
Springs & U-Bolts

Side of Bender Showing Spings & U-bolts

First remove the nuts plates and washers form all the U-bolts. Place one nut first and then one flat washer on each leg of every U-bolt. Screw the nut almost all the way to the end of the threads. For the guitar bender place one spring over each U-bolt and slip the U-bolt through eh 1/4” holes in the bender sides. There will be one u-bolt located near the top of the bender and another at the bottom side of the through slot. Next place the U-bolt plate on the inside of the bender sides and screw the remaining nuts onto the U-bolt ends and tighten. You can adjust the distance the U-bolts extend into the bender sides with all four nuts.

Note: Each U-bolt for the Guitar Bender gets one 6” Extension spring. The Ukulele Bender is as follows: The U-bolt at the top end of the bender (at the press screw) gets (1) 6” Extension Spring on each side. The U-bolts at the back of the bender gets (1) 4” Extension Spring on each side. The U-bolt toward the front of the bender gets (1) 6” and (1) 3” Extension Spring.

Press Screw Attachment:

Screw the Press Screw down from the top side of the bender and place in the Shoe that is secured to the waist retainer and tighten the screw of the shoe. Note there may be tape on the top of the shoe to hold an important washer inside the shoe. Check this washer to make sure it is faced pointed side downward.
Also a side note. The Ukulele bender control panel has the top 2 screws removed to give you access to the U-bolt areas. Once the U-bolts are in place, secure the Control Panel top with (2) Drywall Screws. Note that with proper adjustment of the u-bolt depth control with the 4 nuts, there will not be any conflict  with the u-bolt nuts and the control panel closure plate.

You can now plug in your bender and make sure everything checks out and you should be good to go.

Again, thanks for your purchase!

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