Heated Side Bender Form Insert Assembly

Our form inserts are shipped ready for assembly along with all the necessary wood and hardware to make a first class form to bend sides for many guitar and ukulele shapes. Our form inserts are based on our plans, but we do offer special services to make forms to your specifications as well. Drop us a line for pricing options and delivery times for this.

Our form inserts are designed to resist movement due to the expansion and contraction of the wood and metal during the normal bending operations.

Remove the plywood form inserts. Locate the (2) carriage bolts and remove all the hardware from the bolts. Insert each bolt on the outside of the plywood form. This can be identified by the countersunk bolt holes in two locations on each half.

Place a washer over each blot and run a nut finger-tight all the way to the plywood for the full length of the bolt. Repeat for the second bolt. Take a box wrench or other suitable tool to tighten the nut and pull the square portion of the carriage bolt head into the wood. This takes a fair amount of torque, but don’t damage the wood by applying too much pressure.

Run a second nut down about 1/2” on each bolt and follow with a washer on top of the nut.

Next locate the 1/2” aluminum spreaders and place each spreader in the holes around the perimeter of the inside form side. Refer to the photo below. This is how your form should look now.

Next slide the other plywood half over the bolt ends and carefully guide the aluminum rods into place. It helps to start on one end and work your way around. Once all rods have been partially seated, take a rubber hammer and seat rods fully into each plywood half.

Hand tighten the inside nut so it rests against the plywood form half you just fit. Place a washer over each protruding bolt and run a nut on finger tight.

If the rods are all seated properly, measure the form width. Next match that width to on the bottom of the form insert (the portion that rests on the bender). This can be done by adjusting the nuts on the inside and outside of the second piece of plywood. Once you are satisfied with the dimensions and they match, tighten the outside nuts with a socket wrench.

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