Guitar & Ukulele Construction Guide

Guitar & Ukulele Construction Guide: $11.99

It’s no secret, building a guitar isn’t easy! When we started selling guitar plans seven years ago, the questions started flooding in as customers purchased our plans. Some questions were directly related to our guitar plans, but many of our customers had lots of guitar building questions.

We finally decided it was time to share our 20+ years of experience in both guitar construction and guitar plan design in the form of a guitar construction book. Whether this is your first time building a guitar or you’ve built a guitar or two, this guitar building book will help your guitar building skills!

The guitar construction guide by Georgia Luthier Supply guides you through all steps of the guitar building process – from selecting wood and assembling the proper tools to the detailed process of installing braces, bending sides, and much more! If it’s part of the guitar building process, it’s covered in this book!

Unlike most electronic books that promise hundreds of pages of information but are mostly comprised of white space and large font, our guitar building book is packed with tons of detailed guitar building instructions, along with illustrations and photos of the exact process.  When you purchase our guitar construction manual, you’ll get 118 pages full of information, instructions, and tips from our many years of guitar building experience.

Most of the information, including illustrations pertain to acoustic guitar, but almost all of this information translates to building a ukulele as well. After all, a ukulele is basically a small, 4-string guitar. Therefore neck, body, fretboard, bridge and all other detailed construction techniques apply equally to the ukulele. Our very complete ukulele plans will fill-in any gaps you may find.

We’ve also included a comprehensive glossary which will allow you to easily define most of the terminology used in guitar building. Many of these terms can be confusing to the novice builder!

When used in conjunction with our guitar building plans, this guide is the perfect instruction manual and will answer all your questions about the guitar building process.

Learn more about our guitar building book and get your copy today!

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