Fret Calculator

Fret Calculator

How to Use The Fret Calculator

It is very easy to use this calculator. The scale length in decimal inches is the only thing that needs input from the user. If you know your scale in millimeters you have to convert to decimal inches. For instance the scale of 645.2mm would be divided by 25.4 and the result is 25.40 decimal inches 

The measurements are given in two columns. The first column is decimal inches with each respective fret being measured from the backside of the nut to the center of each fret. The second column is in millimeters.

If you make scale adjustments remember to adjust the neck length as well. Remember a 14 fret guitar neck joins the body at the center of the 14th fret and a 12 fret neck joins at the 12th fret.

Fret Calculator Not Showing Up In Your Browser?

Most likely the cookies option are disabled which will block the fret calculator from being loaded. I had this too! You need to enable cookies on your browser for the website http:/, using the procedures listed for each browser below. All this does is allows the spreadsheet to be loaded in the blog page.

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