Buying Guitar Plans

Before you begin a guitar building project, choosing your guitar plans will be the most important decision that you’ll make. There are lots of things to consider when buying guitar plans – this article will help you find the best building plans available.

1. What guitar do you want to build? There are so many options when it comes to building a guitar. Do you want a classical guitar? A dreadnought? A 12-string? A mini? Before you can purchase a set of guitar plans, you’ll have to make sure that are looking for plans for the type of guitar  you plan to build!

2. What kind of drawings will you get? Ideally, you should purchase guitar blueprints that have been designed in a professional CAD system. Why is this important? Correct dimensions are key when it comes to instrument building and you want to be sure that the dimensions on your plans are exact. The best way to ensure this will happen is by buying a set of guitar building plans that has been professionally designed.

3. Are the plans full size? Trust us on this – you will want a full-size set of plans. They are a little more expensive because of the printing cost, but are worth every penny. You want to be able to easily read them!

4. Dimensions & Construction Notes: Your guitar plans should include all dimensions and should have as much detail as possible. Ideally, dimensions should be listed in both millimeters and inches/fractional inches as it allows you to choose which you prefer to use. Construction notes and suggestions aren’t necessary but they definitely make for an easier build!

5. Plans Offered in Electronic PDF Format: This makes our plans very portable. You can choose to make printed versions, or keep the electronic versions on your computer or iPad for ease access in your shop or home. Also, the PDF Plans can be printed in smaller format on an inkjet printer, or you can just print a part of a plan for your construction tasks for that day.

Georgia Luthier Supply has a full line of guitar plans! In addition to acoustic guitar plans, GLSS also offers electric guitar plans, ukelele plans, mandolin plans, guitar construction manuals, guitar building tools, jigs  and much more! We offer more that 20 different guitar plans alone and all of our plans are designed by a professional luthier and registered architect. Not only are our plans top-notch, we have the best customer service in the industry – hands down!

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