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  • I came across your site while looking for good images of Martin X bracing. My wife bought me a Martin kit.. the dreadnaught. I am impressed with the quality of the woods. I have a D 28 that I got when I was 18. The band broke up and I’d just purchased a Fender Bassman. My family had done business with them for years as I was the youngest and both my older brother and sister played horns. Anyway, a few years ago she bought me a Carvin kit which BYW is also high quality, thinking the acoustic kit would be the same type of project. All I had to do was open the box for her to realize they were not even close. She responded with “Oh my!” You are so right on about using clamps to glue sound board bracing on. Just a few minutes ago I barely avoided disaster when the weight of a Woodfox deep mouth C-clamp over powered my counter weights and the board flipped on the table, braces falling off. Fortunately, I still have my cobra speed and God’s grace and was able to snag it before it hit the floor. This is my 3rd gluing session and I still have one more. I just don’t have $500 or so to buy all the proper tools. What I did find for less than $4.00 are these small Erwin bar clamps that work fine once you get the hang of them.

    I have nightmares about shaping the dovetail on the neck to fit the block. Also dread cutting the channels for the binding. I sincerely doubt that this will be the best acoustic that I ever made unless it is the only one. Great site.

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